A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

cl-snake is a small game, supposed to be a clone of the classic Snake game for cellphones. The main goal was to reproduce the game using the Common Lisp language.

Currently, this game does not have any levels, and may be prone to bugs.

The game is compiled as a standalone image of SBCL, created using Buildapp. Running it requires:

  • A 64-bit Linux machine, running X11
  • SDL2
  • OpenGL 2.x support

NOTE: As a precaution, attempting to run this game on an ordinary x86 (32-bit) Linux environment will simply display an incompatibility notice on your notifications. I've taken this measure since I couldn't compile a x86 version of the game at the time.

This game also runs fine on Windows and I'm providing a build, though I'm not sure it works!

You're also free to go ahead and take a look at the source code. (I've tested it using SBCL back in 2013, but the relevant code hasn't changed a single bit). You'll need to setup SBCL with Quicklisp and acquire SDL2's runtime libraries in order to run it, though.


v2 (04/05/18)

  • Some Linux users were reporting a "file not found" issue when trying to execute the binary. Precautions were taken to try and fix that. Please leave your feedback in case of similar or other issues.


cl-snake-linux-universal.zip 14 MB
Version 2 Apr 06, 2018
cl-snake-win-32.zip 16 MB
Version 1 Apr 05, 2018


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