Underwater Adventures is a small, simple platformer game made as a final test for my Construct2 course.

The goal is to collect as many diamonds as you can on an underwater environment. It features a calm environment with no enemies whatsoever. Explore wisely; there are hidden and tricky areas everywhere.

This game has smart support for gamepads, so just connect one at runtime and play. It will also store your highest score on the local machine, so you can always improve your score.

I highly advise to not expect much more than a few minutes of exploration; since this game was made on Construct2's free version, which has a limitation of 100 events per project, I was unable to add some essential things like a menu or proper ingame documentation. Depending on the feedback, I might someday polish and improve this little game. It was a little fun to make, after all.


ActionKeyboard keyGamepad Button
(Xbox 360)
MovementArrow keysLeft stick
RunHold AHold X
(hold to jump higher)
Double Jump
(Press on air after jumping,
falling or using a spring)


I tried to only use free assets for this little game; however, it is still supposed to be a free game since the background music is a remix of a well-known song.

- All game programming was made by me (Lucas Vieira);

- All art here was made by me, Lucas Vieira (sorry if it doesn't look good. Programmer's art, y'know);

- All sound effects were made by fins. Check his awesome free sound effects here;

- Music is Aquatic Ambiance from DK Country, brilliantly remixed by Kamex. Check it out on his YouTube Channel.

Last considerations:

This game is not supposed to be sold in any way. If you ask me for its source code, I'll happily give you under the MIT License.

Release date May 23, 2017
AuthorLucas Vieira
Made withConstruct
Tags2D, Colorful, Construct 2, Puzzle-Platformer, Score Attack
Code licenseMIT License
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Xbox controller


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Nice ambiance and music. I like the second jump spiral as well.