Day 8: Rushing the Game

Yeah, it's that time.

You know when you carefully plan a schedule and you just know that it's gonna work out, but a ton of stuff just appear out of nowhere, and you just have to set your priorities straight?

Well, that just happened to me.

Thing is, here are the extra things I planned to do for this Jam, that aren't already done:

  • Add enemies whose function match the main rotation mechanic of the game;
  • Add levels that also match the game's planned difficulty;
  • Add impressive visual feedback;
  • Add some basic screens.

And now, here's what I'm gonna do:

  • Finish implementing basic enemies. They won't even shoot, just maybe move on the Y axis. Maybe;
  • Only one or two levels at max;
  • The only visual feedback you'll get is a health bar for the ship and temporarily flashing enemies when they take damage;
  • The only screen I'll be making is the game over one, which will show when you win or when you lose.

This is A LOT OF STUFF I cut out from the game -- which may come back in the future, since I'm highly unsatisfied with it --, but it is mostly due to the fact that I got two days left to submit my entry. I'm not expecting it to be well-received, really, but I'm expecting to improve it after the Jam.

The thing is, it needs to be playable. It kind of is, right now, but not enough yet. I'm very worried because I haven't even gotten collision detection done yet (which shouldn't be much of a problem because I only need to define three functions, given that the enemies won't even shoot projectiles right now), so I need to pick up the pace, finish building it and adding those small aspects above, so I can package it for both Linux and Windows by tomorrow.

The current state of the game can be seen above. Wish me luck.

Oh, and you may have noticed that I have decided on a name for the game. It's Orbit Defense Strikeforce. Big and cool, huh? I hope I can make it up for this game someday, it really doesn't deserve this many cuts, even though it is just a prototype, lol.

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