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This is a space shoot-em-up game, where you control a ship with peculiar maneuvering to destroy all your enemies. Protect Earth from hostile contacts once more!

This game is my entry on Lisp Game Jam 2018, taken place in April of said year. most of the road for development has been documented in this project's devlogs, so make sure you take a look at them, if interested.

Game controls:

W, S
Directionals. Moves the ship up and down.
KShoots projectiles. Effect may change depending on current weapon. Projectile direction will also change with respect to the ship's current angle.
IChange current active weapon.
EnterStart button.

These are the requirements to run the provided binaries:

  • OpenGL 2.x support;
  • SDL2 installed in your distro;
  • SDL2_image installed in your distro.

Windows builds already also distribute SDL2 and SDL2_image runtime libraries. Please notice that I do not own those; license for each one of them accompanies the distributed runtime libraries.

Unfortunately, the Windows build has a missing dependencies problem. Since I need to investigate it a little more, the download is disabled until further notice.

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ods-linux-universal.zip 14 MB
Version 0.1 Apr 29, 2018
Source code 9 kB

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